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Publication Rules in Annals of the Arts and Social Sciences

  • Annals of Arts and Social Sciences is a quarterly academic refereed journal published by Kuwait University Publication Council. It publishes original research emanating from Arab and international universities and academic institutions relevant to literary studies, social sciences, and humanities in the faculties of Arts and Social Sciences.
  • The ANNALS accepts for publication original research monographs in Arabic as well as English. Monographs submitted for publication must be between 50 and 200 pages( 15000-60000 words)..

    Submission Rules

  • a. Contributors should submit  of their manuscripts (font 14),Space 1.5, on A4 paper.
  • b. A typed abstract of (250) words in Arabic and (250 ) words in English should be included.
  • c. A typed brief biographical note in Arabic and English including the contributor's important publications should be included.
  • d. The contributor should submit a signed declaration that his/her manuscript has not been published in any other academic journal or elsewhere.
  • e. Drawings, maps and diagrams should be prepared with china ink on transparent paper and should be ready for reproduction. Photographs should be glossy prints and colored photographs should be original prints.
  • f. In case the contributor wants to have the illustrations, maps and charts in colored ink, s/he should pay for the extra cost.

    Footnotes and Bibliography

  • Footnotes

    a. Footnotes should be placed at the end of each chapter or at the end of the monograph if there are no chapters.

    b. Footnotes should be serially numbered until the end of each chapter or until the end of the monograph if chapters do not exist.

    c. A footnote is given as follows:

    Name of author, Title of book (boldface), number of edition/volume, place of publication, name of publisher, date of publication, and page numbers.

    Example: Abdul-Khaliq, Ahmed Mohammed, mu'jam 'alfazh 'al-shakhsiyyah, 1st edition, State of Kuwait, Academic Publication Council – Kuwait University, 2000, p. 15.

    In case of footnotes for the same author, the following abbreviation should be used : ibid, p. 26

    In case of a different footnote, it is presented as follows:
    Abdul-Khaliq, Ahmed, Mu'jam 'alfazh 'al-shakhsiyyah, p. 35.

  • References/Bibliography

    The journal adopts the APA style sheet in writing the research text and listing referces ,Authors can access the style sheet by clicking the following link  (   https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/08   )


    Rules for Publication in the ANNALS:

    • The Annals does not accept manuscripts that have been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
    • The journal does not accept MA  or PHD theses or any excerpets thereof. 
    • Originals of manuscripts will not be returned or recovered whether they are published or not.
    • Manuscripts must not be published elsewhere once they are accepted for publication in the ANNALS. Should that happen, legal procedures shall be followed.
    • The author may publish his monograph elsewhere after obtaining a written approval from the Editor-in-chief and after the elapse of at least three years from publication date in the ANNALS.
    • Contributors will receive50 free off-prints of their own contribution.

      Submissions and all correspondence to the journal should be sent to

    • E-mail : aass@ku.edu.kw :

      Editor–in-chief , Annals of Arts and Social Sciences
      P.O Box 17370, Khaldiah
      Code No. 72454 - Kuwait
      ISSN 1560-5248 Key title:Hawliyyat Kulliyyat al-Adab

    • Publication Ethics and Duties of the Editorial Board
Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law
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