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Syntactic and Morphological Issues (in Arabic)

Auther : Abdulaziz Ali Safar

This paper deals with a number of syntactic and morphologlical issues of Arabic. If goes beyond any doubt that Arabic grammatical heritage is viewed as a distinguished human achievement in the history of linguistic knowledge. However many of its theoretical and applied aspects need to be reconsidered.

In this research fourteen grammatical items are subjected to critical discussion. They are dealt with in two sections. The first one includes the following:

  1. Isti gal
  2. Disjunctive pronoum. damir al-fast.
  3. Distinctiveness between lam and lamma.
  4. On the cause of indeclension of noun.
  5. Conjunction of explicit noun and pronoun in the nominative case.
  6. Controversy between Sibawayhi and Al-Khalil on genitive case conditioned by syntactic proximity.
  7. Unjustifiable coming of circumstantial phrase hat from an indefinite noun.

The second section of the paper contains brief comments on a number of different grammatical questions.

The writer of the this paper aims at pointing out the significance of a close reading of grammatical heritage which may lead to different results and new findings in many controversial issues discussed in classical sources of Arabic grammar


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