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Career Education in the Elementary Schools

Auther : S. A-Hashel

The study addressee itself to the concept of Career Education as it has evolved in Sweden, U.S.S.R., and U.S.A.. This study includes the following topics:

1) The emergence of the concept.

2) Description or Definition of Career education.

3) Philosophy of Career Education.

4) Component of Career Education.

5) Approaches to developing Career Awareness in the elementary school.

Career Education is defined and described as that of the total offort of public education and the community to provide the student with the knowledge, exploratory experiences, and skills required for successful job entry, and job adjustment.

This study emphasize the elementary school stage as place for building and implementing Career awareness program.

In the elementary school, instructional programs will develop career awareness

By relating basic skill curriculum to a framework of career information: what people do for a living and how they live. Parents, the doctor, carpenter and others became subjects for reading lessons, writing exercises and history lessons.

Career Awareness goal is to develop in students an awareness of the personal and social significance of work, Each student will be helped to become more of himself, of his personal aspirations and abilities, and the spectrum of careers available to him, and to recognize the role of carriers and relationships of careers of career to family, citizenship and avocation.

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