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Auther : Kamal E. Morsy

Aggression was classified by the writer into three kinds:

   (a)  Anti-social aggression by which an individual assaults himself as well as 

          others .

(b)    Pro-social aggression by which an individual wards aggression off himself

And his country.

(c)      Sanctioned aggression by which an individual retaliates for some assault that has taken place on him.

The writer also assumes that the concept of aggression has always been attached to the anti-social violence, as it is always the reason for the two other kinds: Pro-social and sanctioned. The question is then raised: why does an individual assault himself or others?  Psychologists and criminologists provide various answers. Some tend to believe that aggression is an innate behavior, committed because of bio-social factors. This sort of conception is found in lombroso’s  theory, in instinctivity aggressive behavior proposed by Freud, Mc Doug alland Lorenz, and in the works done on chromosomal aberrations and endocrinal imbalance.

Social learning theorists, on the other hand suggest that aggressive behavior os learned by either erroneous use of reinforcement as in Skinner’s operational learning views, and imitating aggressive models, as in Bandura’s observational learning views.  


Journal of Law
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