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The Role of the Islamic Religion in The Motivation System of The Staff of The Kuwait and Jordanian Universities A Scientific and Empirical Comparative Study

Auther : Hamed A. Bader

The main objective of this study is indicating the role of the Islamic religion in motivating people. The society of this study is the staff members of the Kuwait and the Jordanian Universities. The total member of the Society is 766 persons and the random sample is 178 persons. The main conclusions of this study are:

- The faith incentives play a higher or equal role to the materialistic incentives in motivating people to work.

- The staff members of the two universities indicated that it is necessary to use the faith need motivator to challenge the threads facing the Society. Yet , faith motivator is necessary to be used beside using the other materialistic motivators.

- Maslow’s theory of motivation indicated that only the unsatisfied needs stimulate the behavior. But, in this study, it is found that faith need stimulates the individual’s behavior even with their unsatisfied needs such as physiological needs, safety needs, social needs self-esteem needs and self actualization needs.

- Faith need plays a significant role in satisfying the eternal soul safety needs.

- To satisfy the social need of the individuals, the management has to satisfy them according to the Islamic Shariha (law).

- It is found that the faith need satisfy a great deal of the individual’s self-esteem needs.

- It is hard to satisfy the faith needs. Therefore, the faith needs continue to stimulate the individual’s behavior no matter how much he has of them.

- Using the faith needs is very necessary to stimulate the individual’s behavior in the organization.

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