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Amman Financial Market Its Past, Present and Future

Auther : Zeyad Ramadan


It has been found that the factors affecting Amman Financial Market (AFM) can be grouped into: general economic factors and special technical ones. The general economic factors have lost their momentum since  1982. As a result, the (AFM) activity has started to slow down since then. The special factors such as inaccurate financial disclosure, establishing “paper-corporations”, inability of the listing requirements to create a continuous market, and reluctance of the financial corporations to play their role as market makers—all of these factors have accelerated the momentum of the slow down movement of the market.

The remedy will be a long-range one and of two dimensions: general and technical. At the general level, the government of Jordan is recommended to:

  1. activate the Jordanian private sector.
  2. help enhance solidarity among most of the Arab States, if it is impossible to do that at the Arab World level. At the technical level, the study has presented specific suggestions that help:
    1. achieve more depth to the market.
    2. enhance the quantity, quality and accuracy of financial disclosure.
    3. enhance market efficiency.
    4. make listing requirements more conductive to creating a continuous market.
    5. encourage the Jordanian financial corporations to play their role as market creators.

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