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Food Security in Kuwait

Auther : Mohamed R. AL-Feel

On Saturday Nov.6 1981, The 21st Conference of the F.A.O was held in Rome. The Director General of the Conference declared that approximately 380 million people suffer from hunger, while another 600 million are living absolute poverty. It is predicted that this figure will rise to 1000 million by the year 2000 A.D. By the end of the Conference the F.A.O. estimated that about 460 million or 22 percent of the developing countries population would suffer from malnutrition.

Mr. Napoleon Padella the speaker of the F.A.O. in the Dominican Republic declared:

“ It is expected that 15 million human beings, most of them less than five years of ago, will die this year due to hunger”.

Manu countries in different parts of the world suffer from drought and famine, such as the area stretching from Senegal in the West of Africa to Somalia in the East, also countries like Bangladesh in Asia and in South America.

Desertification plays its role in increasing the problem of food production though, the present area of the arid and semi-arid lands is about 36% of the earth’s surface, it is increasing gradually year by year.

The high birth rate (natural increase of human beings) is another factor contributing towards increasing the food problem. It is estimated that the world’s population will reach figure of -7- billion by the end of this Century.

Paul R. Ehrlich believes that the high birth rate will push the world towards famine and death .

Besides desertification and high birth rate, the cost of food is becoming very experience day by e.g. the price of wheat was $60 per ton between the years 1972 – 74, it incrassated to $200 per ton.

About 1650 million dollars was disbursed by Kuwait for imported food and food products between the year 1979 – 1980 .

In 1989 – 1990 Kuwait would have an outlay of three billion dollars and in 1999 – 2000 the outlay would exceed 13 billion dollars for the requirements of food imports.

It is envisaged that by that time, we might have the finances required, but find that food products are not available in the world markets.

Our basket of food is empty. Thus, we have to depend on ourselves to produce the food needed.

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