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The European Monetary System: Objectives & Potentials

Auther : I.Najjar

The purpose of this study is three fold: First: A comprehensive review and critical evaluation of the various stages and trials of the European monetary co-operation, within the framework of the European economic integration and international economic integration and international economic events, particularly those pertaining to the International Monetary System Among other subjects it covers the Raymond Bare Plan, the Pierre Werner Report and the council special committee report, all advocating the establishment, in stages, of an economic and monetary union to be realized by the year 1980.

Second: A detailed exposition of the European Monetary System; principles and objectives, adopted by the European Council in December 1978. A comparison is made between the system of the Snake Arrangement and the International Monetary System.

The comparison covers the following

a)      The European Monetary Unit and its Role.

b)      The Exchange rate and the Intervention Mechanism.

c)      The Credit System.

d)      The Resource Transfer System.

Third: A critical evaluation of the System.

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