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The Basic Constraints to the Public Budgetary Cycle

Auther : Abdel Muti Assaf

The main objective of this study is to survey the different stages of the public budgetary cycle and the different constraints that face the authorities at preparing the annual budget each year, specially in the developing countries.

This study will focus mainly on the following items:

1-      The legal constraints for budgetary cycle.

2-      The technical constraint for budgetary cycle.

3-      The ideological constraints for budgetary cycle.

4-      The behavioral constraints for budgetary.

However the writer will pay more attention to the behavioral dimensions of this problem because he feels that it has been greatly neglected by researchers and scholars in this field.

Further more the writer wanted to demonstrate that public budgeting is not just a configuration of figures for public revenue and expenditure, but it is rather comprehensive process including behavioral and ideological dimensions as well.

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