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The Most Important Aspects of Structural Changes in the Egyptian Village

Auther : Ina’am A. Jawad

This paper aims to show the most important aspects of structural changes in Egyptian Village in the seventies.

We mean by structural changes in this paper, the changes which happened in the components of the basic social structures, such as population and its characteristics, the ownership and the relations of production, and their impact on classes, values and political power.

This paper depends on the data which had been collected by other researchers for other research ends.

Such historical and statistical data are important to this paper.

The paper concentrates on the important changes which happened in the Egyptian village in the seventies, comparing with what happened in the Egyptian Society since the revolution (1952) till the beginning of the seventies aiming to show the trends of changing in this respect.

The paper concentrated in particular on:

1. The important changes which happened on the population characteristic in the Egyptian Village such as the state of labor power the economic activity of population, the education and immigration.

2. Changes which had happened on combination of agricultures crops as indicator of the direction of investment.

3. Changes which had happened on the Socio-economic classes in the Egyptian village.

4. Changes which had happened on the value system.

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