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Lavon Affair

Auther : Abdul Rahim Houssein

Pin has Lavon born 1904, arrived in Palestine 1929, became a leading figure in the Zionist party: MaPai and the Histadraut.

After 1948 he became a member of the Knesset in “Israel” and Minister of Defense, during which he was the centre of the greatest internal political dispute Israel has known.

In 1954 an Israeli secret service operation came to grief and the group involved was arrested in Egypt and accused of demolishing British and American properties in addition to putting explosives in the public places in Cairo and Alexandria.

Most of the group members were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment and two were sentenced to death.

Lavon asserted that he did not give any order to the group and the “operation” had been order without his knowledge.

As a result of an investigation committee, Lavon was obliged to resign feeling that he was disgraced.

In 1960 new information and evidence came to light and Lavon was exonerated by a ministerial committee, but Ben Groin (the premier) refused this exoneration on a judicial enquiry.

At this stage there was a confrontation between different groups in the ruling party, MaPai, and this extended to the army: some pro-Lavon, the others pro-Ben Groin but the majority was neutral led by Levi Ashkol.

Ben Groin left the MaPai Party which he founded in 1930, and formed in 1965 a new one name Rafi. Lavon the same time led a group named “from the foundation”.

Anyhow the affair still has its little effect but it reflects the Israeli view towards the Arabs: practicing terrorism and the destruction of foreign relations in advance of announced aggression.

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