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The Impact of Structural Changes in Egyptian Society on Value System and Development

Auther : Samir Naim

Egypt has been witnessing drastic changes in her socio-economic system since the beginning of the seventies, which finally ended her leading role in economic, political and cultural independence and in the struggle against imperialism, and turned her to a statelier the international capitalist system. A parasite, non-productive capitalist class became dominant and allied herself with international capitalist. This class, together with state machineries used every available means to transform value systems among the Egyptian population to suit and enforce the new status-quo. Mass communication means, legislation, modes of consumptive behavior, advertisement, corruption, adverse living conditions of the majority of the population, inflation, migration to oil countries and cultural invasion, all had a serious impact on value system, which in turn had a serious impact on socio-economic development in Egypt. Contrary to the value system which prevailed in Egypt during the pervious stage of independent development and struggle against imperialism the value system of the dependent satellite state have the following major characteristics :

a) Underestimation of productive behavior as a mean to self gratification and status .

b) encouragement of easy and rapid profit .

c ) high esteem of luxurious consumption .

d) High esteem of foreign products.

e) involvement in the present instant and Lach of future perspective.

f) indifference to public issues and property.

g) individuality and lach of interest in common goals.

h) ends(profit) justify means (corruption).

j) snopism.

However , the value systems of the previous national and independent stage have not vanished. They have been historically formed and adapted by large sectors in the society . Political and social opposition forces carry and express those values. The failure of the dominant parasite dependent class in solving the peoples problems and in achieving development will bring and end to the dominant of its value systems.

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