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Population Policy in Kuwait : Present Status and suggested Alternatives

Auther : Mustafa Al-Shalakani

This study is an attempt at providing different alternatives which might help in planning for a population policy in Kuwait . It is divided into three main parts:

(i)The first discusses the current demographic situation in Kuwait.

(ii)The second suggests altenativea to the present policy.

(iii)The third shows the effect of these alternatives on the economy as a whole .

In the first part, a complete analysis of population by size, composition and distribution was carried out. Several parameters which characterize the Kuwaiti segment of population were developed , in addition to determine the main sources of increase among Kuwaitis both a present and the future. Concerning the second part, alternative policies were suggested for Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis. As for Kuwaitis these policies include the following :

(i)Increase the rate of birth among Kuwaitis.

(ii) Development of Kuwaiti manpower.

(iii)Reconsideration of naturalization policy, i.e. increase the Kuwaiti population through naturalization policy.

For non-Kuwaitis, a comprehensive analysis of census data by age, sex, nationality, place of birth, residence, and reasons of which may become either permanent residents or Kuwaiti nationals.In this connection, temporary as well as permanent residence was discussed. The third part addressed itself to the different sectors which might be affected by the suggested polices. These sectors include housing, education, and health, and security, social and economic activities.

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