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Administrative Reform in Kuwait: A Total Approach

Auther : Moudhi A. Hamoud

Since the late forties, the government sector in Kuwait has assumed an increasing number of responsibilities aimed to promote development.

Public bureaucracies have become crucial and essential in this developing nation as the government sector becomes the largest employer, investor and developer. This sector has suffered from a number of problems that are seriously hindering its further role such as:

(1) The rigid bureaucracy which is unable to adjust to changing and developing circumstances.

(2) The growing inefficiency and ineffectiveness, which have become accepted measures of performance.

(3) A weakened indigenous system of rights and obligations.

(4) The increase in informal personal relations that threaten the legal and formal work relations within the government organizations.

A total approach for administrative reform has to be followed, supported by political decision and based on :-

(1) A thorough investigation of the organizational problems in the government sector in order to reorganize its organizational units such as ministries, departments, agencies … etc, avoiding unnecessary overlap and organizational conflict.

(2) A well-prepared manpower plan, that addresses clearly the problem of over-staffing and specifies the future needs.

(3) A thorough revision of laws, bylaws and regulations in order to update, alter and legislate necessary terms for reform.

(4) A comprehensive plan to simplify work procedures to introduce more flexible administrative systems based on decentralization, delegation of authority and decision making to the different managerial levels.

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