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The Analysis Study of the producer and purchases prices in Input-Output Tables of Kuwait

Auther : Jaafar A.Haji

The main purpose of this study is to the changes in the marginal distribution for the eight sectors in the Kuwaiti Economy for the years, 1970-1971, 1972-1973, and 1975-1976. In order to achieve this purpose, we have presented a model and described thoroughly its frame and its variables. We have also selected several scenarios such as:

1- Using total Input-Output table without distinguishing between total and domestic one.

2- We have derived indirect taxes row and inserted it into our assumptions.

3- Assuming that Input-Output tables of Kuwaiti Economy has been compiled on the bases of producer prices.

4- Assuming that Input-Output table of Kuwaiti Economy has been compiled on the bases of purchases prices.

Finally, we come to the following conclusions:

1- The results of calculation have shown many mistakes in the methodology of compilation in Input –Output tables for Kuwaiti Economy.

2- The way of calculating the marginal distribution raw is not correct, and many errors have been discovered, and it was very difficult to distinguish location of errors, whether in marginal of translation or in the marginal of trade, because they combined then together as one raw in the tables.

3- Some sectors Such as basic metal industries, other manufacturing industries, manufacture of wood and wood products, and manufacture of food, beverages and tobacco, are ranked on the top sectors having high rate of marginal distribution.

4- Some sectors have negative marginal distribution, which avow another angle of mistakes in the Input-Output tables for Kuwaiti Economy.

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