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Self – Esteem, Interpersonal Social Relationship and Loneliness Feeling in Two Samples of Egyptian and Saudi Prep School Female Pupils

Auther : Zeinab Shukair


The present study was carried out to:

1- Discover the correlation between self-esteem, social relationship and loneliness feeling a sample of prep-school female students (Egyptian-Saudi).

2- Identify the direction of correlation between these variables.

3- Acknowledge the differences in the means of the Egyptian & Saudi puplis of the three variables.


290 second grade female pupils were chosen (145 Egyptian – 145 Saudi)


The Social Relationship and Feeling Lonnely Scales were prepared by the researcher – as well as the Self-Esteem Scale.


1- There is a positive correlation between self-esteem and social relationship.

2- There is a negative correlation between self-esteem and feeling lonely in the two samples of the study.

3- There is an negative correlation between social relationships and feeling lonely.

4- This same correlation was denitrified after separating the third variable, except for the correlation between social relationship and feeling lonely of the sample of Egyptian pupils.

5- There are significant differences in the self-esteem and social relation between the Egyptian & Saudi samples (Egyptians attained higher mean scores).

6- There is a significant difference in the feeling of loneliness (Saudi sample had higher mean score).

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