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New Prespective: The Role of Social and Psychological Services for Kuwaiti Childrin After the Crisis

Auther : Bader Al - Eisa

The aim of this study is to examine a new perspective for the role of social and psychological services for Kuwaiti children in the 1990’s.

In other words, we need to know what kind of services children need, having suffered physical, psychological and social damage as result of the invasion of Kuwait. The subject is discussed according to three aspects, in order to determine to services needed at this stage.

1. Review the social and psychological services that were available.

2. The social and psychological impacts of the Iraqi occupation on the children in Kuwait.

3. The impact of new developments in changing child social policy during the 1990’s.

Finally, the study concludes that preparation for new children services needs two important things:

1. Long-term human investment and development.

2. Crisis intervention and comprehensive emergency services, including preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative programs.

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