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The economic policy in Tunisia since the structural reform program.

Auther : Moulodi Guessomi

The epistemologic importance of this study lies in the functional leaning-upon the relationship between the sociology and the political economy to study the economic policy in Tuniais since the beginning of the last eighties. The study had worked on some economic axes which determine this policy:

- The structural reform and the research of insertion in the international economic dynamism.

- The restructuralization of public institutions and the bet of privatization.

- The foreigner indirect investment.

- The cooperation agreement between Tunisia and the European economic Community (E.E.C.)

- The taxation reform and the response to acclimatization requirement.

All those economic axes had appeared next to a new world economic system which is characterized by the retreat of the economic role of international organizations in balancing economy, and both characteristics epitomize the globalization process. In this side Tunisia was flexible to the globalization of its economy firstly by practicing all the instructions of the international financial institutions, secondly by signing regional and international agreement concerning the destruction of the geographic and the taxation barriers before marketing and investment. In addition, there are some internal factors which made the Tunisian economy under the international economic dynamism.

Among these aspects, the non-sufficiency of the investment in achieving the economic Òfly-offÕ; the non-diversity of the commercial exchanges, the commercial hardships concerning the international market, the non-sufficiency of monetary income; the fragility of the economic frame, The weakness of foreigner indirect investment

KEY WORDS : Globlization,Economic policy ,Developing process,Partner ship ,The economic dymanism ,Taxation reform, Internatinal Agreement,Foriegn Investment

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