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Free Reading in Leisure Time and Factors Affecting Kuwaiti Youths: A Field Study

Auther : Ali J. Al-Shehab

The importance of the study stems from the fact that reading is a tool by which youth can be aware of the on going events around them and able to interact positively with them. Therefore, reading in this stage makes university education more useful and mature.

The objectives of the study are to:

1. Explore the motivating factors that affect youth reading.

2. Uncover the reasons behind youths abstention from reading.

3. Underline the favorite types of books, periodicals, fields, and other resources in order to classify (scientific, sports, social, and other fields).

4. Recognize the individual differences among respondents in relation to some variables such as sex, specialization, job, educational level, income, and residential area.

5. Offer recommendations and suggestions concerning useful programs or strategies to develop reading hobby among the Kuwaiti youth.

The study adopted the descriptive analytical method which involves exploring the actual setting and observing its phenomena. A questionnaire was employed to gather the study data. IT is consisted of three dimentions: motives and reliability of the tool was examined prior to application.

The study sample involved (600) Kuwaiti students and employees, both males and females between ages of 18-25 years old representing the six governorates in Kuwait. Constructive recommendations and suggestions were presented upon the termination of the study in the light of the result.

Key words: Education for leisure time, Reading for leisure time, The role of the book in culture, Outstanding learning, Self-learning, University youth, Reading habits, Reading favorites

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