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Globalization and Arab Sociology

Auther : Majduddin Khamesh



This paper documents the genesis of globalization through an extensive analysis of GATT (Uruguay Round 1993) and its essential role in this genesis. It also documents the role played by WTO, which was established in 1995 to embody GATT and other multilateral trade agreements, in supporting the development of globalization. Data presented in the paper shows that eleven Arab States have joined the WTO, so far gaining full membership in this international pillar of globalization. The WTO is now responsible for the smooth functioning of international markets via strict implementation of GATT clauses and principles. The paper provides data and analysis on the impact of globalization on Arab states economically, socially, politically, and culturally. This impact is revealed through an explication of the following aspects and processes that have been unfolding in Arab countries since 1995:

1 -  Creation of new economic and monetary activities, trades and professions, and creation of new social and occupational groups, in addition to the establishment of qualified industrial zones (QIZs) in Jordan and Egypt.

2 - Creation of new economic sectors, i.e. information technology, that contributes steadily to GNP, alongside other economic sectors.

3 - Upgrading and development of work and production organizations to reach international standards set by ISO, and its certificates.

4 - Reinforcement of Arab civil society, institutionally and ideologically.

5 - Adaptation of states functions and roles in light of principles of GATT.

The impact of globalization on Arab culture is revealed in this paper through analysis of the following processes:

1 - Modernizing Arab culture and development of past heritage.

2 - Modernizing work values and ethics.

Key words: GATT, WTO, Arab society, Arab culture, Arab state, ISO, Globalization, Vocations and professions, Civil society.


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