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Domestic Violence against Saudi Women and its Impact on her Role as a University Student

Auther : Aljawharah F. Alzamil Huda M. Gegazy Nagwa I. Alsharqawi Madhawy A. Almeshaal

The problem of domestic violence against women, children, the elderly and the disabled, has been a worrying issue to the Saudi society with all its institutions that it necessitates a serious handling of the ensuing repercussions so as to mitigate thier impact on both victims and families. The current study addresses domestic abuse practiced against Saudi gilrs and investigates its impact on their academic college performance. The objectivers of the study aim at the following:
- Identifuing the relationship between domestic violence faced by the female university student and the level of her academic performance, her ability to create relationships with her colleagues, and her participation in extra-curricular activities.
- Identifying the relationship between domestic violence and the student's self-esteem.
- Suggesting a proposal for the enhancement of social work services within universities to confront the problem of domestic violence.
The study apporach: descriptive.
Methodology: Social Survey.
The study was based on a questionnaire distributed to a randomly selected sample of 132 female students. The results revealed that the college student sample were exposed to domestic violence at an average of 1.63, with psychological violence eanking first, followed by verbal violence, social violence, physical violence, economic violence, and finally sexual violence.
- Teh study found a positive relationship between domestic violence faced by female university students and their sense of low self-esteem.
Keywords: Domestic Violence - Women - Social Work.

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