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Certain Problems in Slums in the Jordanian Society: Anthropological Study of Southern Shallale in Aqaba City-Southern Jordan

Auther : Moahamed F. Al - Tarawneh

This study aims to investigate the inner social structure of the slum - how it evolved, what the living conditions of its dwellers are, and what the nature of the crisis is between the slum's people and the officials of the city - especially when it comes to questions about the future of the slum and its people.
The following are the main findings:
1 - The slum's people represent the social spectrum of Jordan. There are about 19,000 inhabitants.
2 - The majority of the people are of low income; working in marginal jobs, either in the private or informal sectors. But there is a small group who benefit from living in the slum.
3 - The slum was established early in the 1960's.
4 - Living conditions are miserable; housing conditons are extremly bad and rather dangerous. There are no sanitation facilities, no water networks, no legal electrcity networks. Additionally, there is a real problem of environmental pollution.
5 - A crisis between the slum dwellers and the city officials is manifested in the inability of the people to pay any additional costs in case of evacuation. If this happens, Aqaba might witness social disorder in the future.
6 - People of the slum feel that they are excluded from the public life of the Aqaba city.
7 - There is a possiblity to rehabilitate the slum without evacuating its dwellers (i.e. with low material and social costs) through providing adquate infrastructure (roads, sanitation, water and electricity networks).
Keywords: Slums, Exclusion, Urbanization, Poverty.

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