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he Relative Contribution of Psychological Immunity in Predicting Hypochondria in People Recovering from (Covid-19) Pandemic and Non-Infected People in Riyadh
Author :Ahmed Al-Ahmed Yahya khatatbeh

A Proposed Model for the Mediating Role of Future Anxiety Post COVID-19 in the Relation between Optimism, Pessimism and Coping Styles among a Sample of University Students in the Sultanate of Oman
Author :Fahima Al saidi Said Aldhafri

Responding to the Deaf in Crises and Disasters: Rights to Access Information and Communication during the Coronavirus Pandemic in Kuwait as a Model
Author :Hashemiah M. Almusawi

Disparity of Negative Psychological Outcomes of the Corona Pandemic (COVID-19) among a Sample of Kuwaiti Society Members in View of their Health Behavior
Author :Turki Alenezi

Effect of the Lockdown on Mental Health among a Sample of Jordanian Population during the Corona Pandemic (COVID-19)
Author :Feda abu al khair Mohammed Marshoud Marwan Salamah Numan Al-Natsheh

Psychological Anxiety, Conspiracy Beliefs,and the Media Impact on Fears During the Corona Pandemic
Author :Jehad AlaaAldeen Fisal Abdulfattah Maher Abu Hilal Hamzah Dodin Muna Albahrani Adnan AlOtoom

The Psychological and Social Effects Resulting from the Total Lockdown in the State of Kuwait to Confront the Emerging Corona Virus (COVID-19) and its Relationship to the Family Climate in Light of some Variables
Author :Eisa Al Balhan Abdelmotaleb Abdelkader

Factorial Structure of Psychological Reactions to the Corona Virus (Covid-19)
Author :Elsaeed A. Dardara Khaled A. Al-Makhalid

The Role of Psychological Resilience in Predicting Psychological Distress among Kuwaiti Adults during Corona Pandemic ( English Research )
Author :Shahah Al-Tammar

Some Psychological and Demographic Variables as Predictors of Corona Virus (COVID-19)-Related Anxiety in Kuwait: An Application of PLS-SEM
Author :Oweid Almashan Hesham F. Gadelrab

Future Career Anxiety among Female Medical Students at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University in Collectivist Cultural Setting
Author :Abeer A. Raseed Mehmet N. Akkurt Ahmed A. Abdalla Abdulaziz S. Al-Mutawa

The Role of Education in Opportunity Development in Egypt (2000-2012)
Author :Samy El Sayed Ebtehal A. Abd-Almoity Abeer M. Elprince

Suicide Ideation among a Sample of Kuwait University Undergraduates: A Correlational Study
Author :Reem B. Al Salman Bader M. Al Ansari

Symptoms of Menopause and their Relationship to Neuroticism among Lebanese and Egyptian Women
Author :Ahmed M. Abdel-Khalek Mayssah A. El Nayal Olfat K. Mahmoud

The Effect of Soft Diplomacy in Enhancing Kuwait-China Relations: Case Study of the Trends of a Sample of Kuwaiti People
Author :Hamed Al Abdullah Hassan Gohar Ali A. Dashti

The Role of the Legislative Authority in Foreign Policy the Seventeenth Jordanian Parliament (Case Study) 2013-2016
Author :Yousof Slameh H. Al-Mseidin Waled Abdulhadi A. Aloimer

The Geographic Assessment of the Distribution of Civil Defence Centers in Ma'an Governorate
Author :Abdulhamed A. Alfnatseh

Scientific Journals Issued by Umm Al-Qura University and the Extent of their Conformity to the International Standards of Quality
Author :Abdulhady Al Eidaroos Khaled Matook

Housing Challenges in Saudi Arabia from the Viewpoint of the Eligible for Residential Subsidy Programs and the Beneficiaries
Author :Abdullah Kh. Bin Rubbaian Wahed A. Banafe'

Social Factors Leading to Juvenile Delinquency in Jordan: A Field Study
Author :Rakan R. Alhrahsheh

The Impact of Arab Revolutions on Asia: A Study of Diffusion Theory
Author :Mohammed El-sayed Salim Jamal Mohammed Salim

The Desired Family Size for Kuwaitis: A Comparison between Males and Females
Author :Lubna Al-Kazi

Theories of Social Movements and Islamic Movements: An Inductive Study of the Turkish Case
Author :Ali Bin Husain Qahtani

Human Rights in Jordan in the light of the US State Department Reports
Author :Khaled M. Aldabbas Wasfe M. Aqeel Mohammed Bani Salameh

ICT and Social Media: Claiming Spaces for Women's Rights in Kuwait
Author :Ali A. Dashti Salah Al Fadhli

Emotional Intelligence and its Relation to School Adjustment and Academic Achievement for Secondary School Students
Author :Majed M. Al-Ali Abd- Elmottaleb Abd- Elqader

Prospects of Algerian-Moroccan Relations after the Arab Spring
Author :Issa Ahmad Alshelby

The Relationship between Low Skin Conductance Orienting Response and Both Anxiety and Depression among a Sample of Female College Students
Author :Mai Edris

The Characteristics of Distinct University Teaching Staff as an Index of Higher Education Quality According to the Viewpoint of Social Sciences Students at AlBalqa Applied University
Author :Alaa Z. AlRawashdeh Asma R. Alarab

A Vision of the Concept of the City in Light of the Evolution of Information and Communication Technology: A Comparative Study between Experts' Views and Urban Discourse in Local Saudi Newspapers
Author :Ahmed Al-jarallah Sarah A. Al-ghamdi

The Morphological and Topographical Characteristics of Quweiq Basin (in the Northwest of Syria) by Using the Geographic Information System (GIS)
Author :Tareq Nammorah Hussam Husien Nazem Essa

The Role of Organizational Culture Enhancing Innovative Behavior: A Case Study of The College of Business Adminstration at Kuwait University
Author :Mohammad Q Al-Qarioti Hamed S. Alfraih

Personal Identification Data of Saudi Girls in Social Media (Field Study among University Students)
Author :Aljohara A. AlKhalaf

The Sources of Vocational Stress among Teachers in Kuwait and it’s Relation to Psychosomatic Disorder
Author :Owaid Al-Mashaan

Marriage among Relatives and its Effect
Author :Mustafa Hawamdah -Adnan Al-Samady

Violations of the Legal Rights of Jordanian
Author :Mohammad Mahafza-Amal Al-Awawdah

Effect of Small Groups Learning Modules on
Author :Zeiad Baraka

The Impact of Some Social Factors on Women Demographic Behavior in Jordan
Author :Abdel Khaleg Al-KhatatnihMuneer Karadsheh-

أثر بعض المتغيرات الاجتماعية على سلوك المرأة الديموغرافي
Author :عبد الخالق الختاتنة - منير كرادشة

الولاء التنظيمي وعلاقته بسلوك الاغتراب والمعاناة النفسية
Author :عويد سلطان المشعان

زواج الأقارب وعلاقته بانتشار الإعاقات العقلية بين الأبناء ووجهة نظر الإسلام في ذلك (دراسة ميدانية )
Author :عدنان أحمد الصمادي - مصطفى محمود حوامده

: الانتهاك القانوني لحقوق المرأة الأردنية العاملة
Author :أمل سالم العواودة - محمد عبدالكريم محافظة

أثر استخدام طريقة التعليم في مجموعات صغيرة على التحصيل الفوري والمؤجل لدى طالبات الصف الثاني الأساسي في مادة الرياضيات بمدينة طولكرم بفلسطين
Author :زياد بركات

اتجاهات طلاب جامعة الكويت نحو عادات الزواج ومظاهره الاجتماعية
Author :علي أسعد وطفة--عيسى محمد الأنصاري

المرأة السعودية العاملة والإنفاق الأسري دراسة على عينة من السيدات العاملات في مدينة الرياض
Author :خالد عمر الرديعان

إدراك القيادات الإدارية في القطاع الحكومي والقطاع العام في دولة الكويت لمفهوم العولمة وتداعياتها ومتطلباتها دراسة ميدانية
Author :عوض خلف العنزي

قلق الموت لدى عينة من مرضى القلب
Author :أحمد عبدالمجيد الصمادي-مأمون محمود غوانمة

إدراك الناخبين الأردنيين للعوامل التي تحدد تصويتهم.دراسة حالة الانتخابات النيابية عام 2003م
Author :محمد عوض الهزايمة

Kuwait University Students Attitudes to Marriage Customs as Manifested in Social Behavior
Author :Ali-A. Watfa-Essa M. Al-Ansari

Saudi Employed WomensContribution to Household Budget
Author :Khaled O. Alradihan

Perception of Kuwait Managers at Government and Public Sectors of the ConceptConsequences and Requirements of Globalization: A Field Study
Author :Awad K. Al-Enezi

Death Anxiety among Sample of Heart Patients
Author :Ahmad Smadi-Mamoon Ghwanmeh

The Jordanian Voters Awarenessof the Factors that Determine their Voting A Case Study of Parliament Elections for the Year 2003
Author :Mohammed A. Al Hazaymeh

السياحة البيئية في دولة الكويت: تحليل الآثار وإستراتيجية الاستدامة
Author :سعاد حاكم عذبي، وأسماء علي أبا حسين، وأنور شيخ الدين عبده*

التفاؤل والتشاؤم­ دراسة ثقافية مقارنة : بين اللبنانيين والكويتيين
Author :بدر محمد الأنصاري -نجوى اليحفوفي*

جهة الضبط والتفضيل العقلي وعلاقتهما ببعض المتغيرات الديموجرافية لدى الطلبة والموظفين الكويتيين من الجنسين
Author :معصومة أحمد إبراهيم

دراسة تطبيقية لمحددات معدل الفائدة في الاقتصاد الأردني للفترة 1990 - 2002
Author :أسامة فايز الفرحان - أحمد فراس العوران

أهمية نظرية التنمية الاجتماعية في تحليل الظاهرة الاجتماعية( مترجم)
Author :Jacobs Garry & Harlan Cleveland* - ترجمة­ نبيل محمد دقيل

Ecotourism in the State of KuwaitImpact Analysis and Sustainable Strategy
Author :Suad Hakem, Asma A. Abahussain, Anwar S. Abdo

Optimism and Pessimism:A Cross- Cultural Comparison betweenthe Lebanese and the Kuwaitis
Author :Najwa Al-Yahfoufi -Bader Al-Ansari

The Relationship Between the Internal - External Control and Brain Preferenceamong Kuwaiti Samples
Author :Maasouma A. Ibrahim

Determinants of Interest Rates in the Jordanian Economy: An Analytical Study for the Period 1990 - 2002
Author :Ahmed Al-Awran- Usmah Al-Farhan

The Importance of Social Development Theory in the Analysis of Social Phenomenon
Author :Nabil Daqeel

The Redistribution of the Electoral Constituencies
Author :Jasem Karam-Jasem AL-Ali

Tunisian Society Alienated from the Arabic
Author :Mahmoud Al-Dhaouadi

Economic, Social and Cultural Human Rights:
Author :Saleh Abdullah Al-Rajhi

Regional Development Strategies: An
Author :Faisal AL- Mubarak

Cultural Differences in Uncertainty Avoidance
Author :Abdel-Fattah E. Darwish

التخطيط واستراتيجيات التنمية الإقليمية
Author :فيصل عبدالعزيز المبارك…

The Redistribution of the Electoral Constituencies
Author :Jasem Karam -Jasem AL-Al

Tunisian Society Alienated from the Arabic
Author :Mahmoud Al-Dhaouadi

Economic, Social and Cultural Human Rights:
Author :Saleh Abdullah Al-Rajhi

Regional Development Strategies: An
Author :Faisal AL- Mubarak

Cultural Differences in Uncertainty Avoidance
Author :Abdel-Fattah E. Darwish

في الأسباب و الآثار لاغتراب العلاقة بين المجتمع و لغته
Author :محمود الذوادي

حقوق الإنسان الاقتصادية و الاجتماعية و الثقافية : دراسة مقارنة بين الشريعة الإسلامية والقوانين الوضعية ( حالة الإعلان العالمي لحقوق الإنسان)
Author :صالح بن عبد الله الراجحي

الفروق الثقافية في بُعد تجنب عدم التأكد وعلاقته بسلوك التعاون في المواقف الاجتماعية بين الطلاب المصريين و الألمان
Author :عبد الفتاح السيد درويش

نعديل الخريطة الانتخابية بدولة الكويت وثره في السلوك الانتخابي
Author :جاسم محمد كرم / جاسم محمد العلي

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