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The temperature and moisture content of stored grain in two



The temperature and moisture content of bulk wheat, maize, and wheat bran stored in bins or

general stores (in sacks), in the Riyadh and Dammam provinces, Saudi Arabia, were surveyed

periodically during 1987 and 1988. The temperature of experimental and control bins of wheat

and maize increased in direct proportion to the length of the period of storage. This was true for

all heights inside the bins on the same date of observation, for each height on all dates and in

both provinces and years.

In the Riyadh province, temperature of the headspace air in all bins showed a trend to

increase with increasing period of storage. In the same storage plant, temperature at any

particular height inside a bin varied according to the type of grain and the year. Individual

variation between bins was also recorded.

Storage in bins increased the temperature of the stored grain above that of the environment

in both provinces and years. The temperature of stores in both provinces fluctuated in parallel

with that of the environment.

The moisture content of grain was significantly affected by height inside bins of experimental

and control wheat, year, period of storage and province. The moisture content of maize was

always higher than of control wheat.

In general, interactions between province (Riyadh and Dammam), year (1987 and 1988),

period of storage (six periods each year), type of commodity stored (wheat in experimental and

control bins, maize in a control bin and in general stores, and wheat bran in general stores),

storage site (inside bins or in general stores), height inside bin (7 heights inside each bin) and

identity of the bin were significant sources of variation in temperature and moisture content of

stored commodities. To predict pest infestation, storage conditions should be accurately

assessed with respect to these factors.

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