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Petrological characteristics of clasts in the Dibdibah gravel of



The Pleistocene Dibdibah gravels of northern Kuwait contain three petrographically distinct

groups of clasts. These are: a) volcanics; b) granitic and c) sediments and metamorphics. The

volcanics, which are most abundant, consist of porphyritic rhyolites, soda-rhyolites, andesites

and dacites. The granitic and related rocks forming the second abundant rock group consist of

granites, microgranites, pegmatites, aplites, granophyres and quartz rocks (vein quartz). The

sediments and metamorphics are least abundant and consist of quartzites, amphibolites,

limestones, sandstones and cherts. On the bases of their petrography, the volcanic and

plutonic clasts in the Dibdibah gravels are believed to have been derived from the same

source in the northeastern part of the Arabian Shield.


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