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Coastal morphology of Failaka Island, Kuwait

Auther : M.A. Al-Sarawi, Y.R. Marmoush, Jen-Men Lo and F. Al-Hulail


The coastal morphological features of Failaka Island are identified using systematic description

of its longitudinal beach profiles. Based on geomorphology, nearshore bathymetry and beach

profiles, the coast of the island is classified into four main sections; a northern section with a

wide beach, a flat intertidal zone, and a relatively higher wave energy; a northwestern section

with a narrow beach, a flat intertidal zone, and a lower wave energy; a southern section with

very wide beaches and high wave energy; and the southeastern section with a moderately

narrow beach, and a low wave energy. Three subzones were recognized within the beach

profiles such as the backshore, the foreshore, and the nearshore. From field investigation and

analysis of aerial and low-altitude overflight photographs of the island, three geomorphic

subenvironments parallel to the coast were recognized: the Pleistocene-Holocene mainland

subenvironment, the tidal flat complex subenvironment, and the offshore marine subenvironment.

The geomorphic mapping within the three subenvironments reveals eleven different

sedimentomorphic units (sandy beaches with quartz sand; rocky tidal terraces; silt, clay and soft

muddy tidal flat; coastal dunes, wind blown and sand deposits; flat wet lands; sandy calcareous

land, gatch and consolidated wash over and recurved spit; inland sabkhas; scarplet and hard

rocks; sand bars; and inland ridges). This study provides the basis for future recreational

management development of the Failaka Island.

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