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Enhancing engineering education using multimedia web-based techniques


*Dept. of Civil Engineering. Kuwait Univ.. P.O.Box 5969, Safat 13060. Kuwait.
E-mail: kartam@ kuc01.kuniv.edu.kw

**ME Rinker Sr School of Building Construction, College of Architecture, Univ. of
, Gainesville, Florida 32611-5703. E-mail: flood@ufl.edu


This paper describes the motivation, methodology, implementation, operation and testing issues related to developing web-based engineering courses. It presents the motivation and need for new educational tools in engineering by highlighting the power and advantages of multimedia web-based techniques. Then, it provides an analysis of such techniques as educational delivery systems and the challenges facing their application, both as complete distance - education tools and as complementary - educational assistants to formal university courses. Next, it describes a generic methodology that can be adopted to design and implement multimedia web-based educational tools. Finally, it describes an assessment method to measure and improve students satisfaction and the effectiveness of a web course.

Keywords: education; engineering; management; multimedia; web.

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