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Coastal Processes and Beach profile changes along Southern Coastal Area of Kuwait

Auther : Adeeba Essa Al-Hurban1 and Abdelnabi Al-Ghadban2

1Earth and Environmental Sciences Department, Faculty of Science – Kuwait University,  Kuwait, PO Box: 5969 Safat – 13060 Kuwait, Tel. 00965 9406029,  E-mail: Adeeba@kuc01.kuniv.edu.kw

2Environmental Sciences Department, Kuwait Institution for Scientific Research (KISR),P.O. Box: 24885 Kuwait Safat 13109, E-mail: aghadban@kisr.edu.kw




            A series of diagrams are constructed illustrating the variability of sand size and beach-face slope and relationship between them as observed on the southern coastal area of Kuwait. Distribution of sand size along and across beaches is described, and slope changes with beach morphology and erosion or accretion are illustrated.


            The beach-face slope is principally controlled by two factors: (1) the grain size of the sand, and (2) the intensity of wave action. The presence of different geomorphic features in the area indicates that the net direction of sediment transport is from northwest to southeast. The beach profiles indicate that the constructive low waves of summer, build up beaches, and accretion takes place, while the destructive storm waves of winter, erode beaches and erosion takes place.


            The textural and mineralogical investigations of sediments suggested that they are partly derived from inland deposits, such as ridges, and beach rocks. Aeolian processes are also form another potential source. The area studied can be classified as a wave-dominated coastline as inferred from the sediment transport pattern and hydrodynamic processes. However the two large depositional sand spits of Ras Al-Jailaiah and Ras Az-Zor headlands are formed by tidal currents around the two headlands.


            The Study provided good example of the impact of waves on coastal area. The results provide a good database and can be utilized in developing coastal zone management plan of Kuwait.


Keywords: Beach;  Coastal area;  Sand Size;  Beach profile;  Seasonal;  Variation

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